What is Coding?


Cooking and Coding

Codes are similar to recipes. You can cook tasty meals by following recipes, and computers can meet users’ needs by following programs coded by Software Engineers.


Codes are Everywhere

Almost everything is integrated with computers now. There’s a computer in your phone, this website, your microwave, maybe even your car. And each one needs around thousands to millions of lines of code to run, and developers to write that code.


Realize Your Imagination

You can create software to make life easier for the blind, or develop social media sites to connect people around the world. As long as your computer is capable enough, and you’re skilled enough at coding to instruct it, you can achieve anything you can imagine doing!

Why are Coders In Demand?

Coding Amplifies Productivity

Work that used to take hundreds of people with paper documents can now be done by just one person with a computer. Developers can reduce companies’ costs while boosting their output, and that’s why developers are so valuable.

Industries Are Shifting

Companies in non-IT industries such as Finance and Manufacturing need developers to improve their businesses. More and more foreign companies are also outsourcing their software development to developing countries such as India and the Philippines.

Not Enough Developers

People misunderstand that you cannot become a Software Engineer unless you have a Computer Science degree. The industry is growing too fast. The pool of potential developers graduating from universities is too limited. As long as you know how to code, you can be a developer too.

How does Demand impact Salary?

Employers need Developers, but there aren’t enough qualified people to meet their demand. This is why Software Engineers can enjoy higher salaries, and much steeper salary curves, than Customer Service Reps or even Mechanical Engineers in the Philippines.

Salary Curve by Career

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Note: The monthly salary above is derived from the annual gross income divided by 12 months
Source: PayScale.com data with Manila as location, Software Engineer as job, as of May 2018.

How can you learn Coding?


Self-study is Challenging

Many try self-studying to learn coding. But most end up abandoning this track. Why? The reason is simple. If you’re self-studying, there is no one to teach you whenever you’re in trouble. You have no peers to learn with. No clear sequence of what to learn.


Try Coding Bootcamps

Coding bootcamps are booming in the US. They’re designed to teach coding to those without any coding background. With a set curriculum and instructors, students are much more likely to succeed at learning coding and get hired as Software Engineers.


You Can Code

Theory should be put into practice. The best way to learn coding is to build your own applications. In coding bootcamps like Zuitt, students are taught how to build several real-world applications. You can become a Software Developer in just 1-2 months.